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Antangel is the story of a little girl who got lost and was later discovered and cared for by ants. Both the little girl and the Ant family grew fond of each other, but one day, the girl went missing again. After going in search of the little girl they named Antangel, they learned her real name was Kelly, and meeting her family could cause the death of the ants of the Treetop Land.


A Stranger Is Discovered

Chapter 2.jpg

Antangel Might Be In Danger

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The Case Of Missing Antangel


Treetop Land Goes A-Marching

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Face-to-Face With The Ant Family

New Release

Hanna Banana is the second book in our series called Kelly's Virtues. The main theme of the book is sibling love and acceptance. Hanna felt neglected after her brother was born and so she took matters into her own hands to teach her brother a lesson. In the end, Hanna learned a valuable lesson herself, that love may not be easily seen, but it is easily felt.



Very inspirational. Highly recommended especially for kids and teens. The poems are not too long and very effective in promoting self-love. Give it a try!

Poems About My Self-Esteem

Kelly's Virtues

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